Robyn Ferrier, Personal Assistant

Robyn started with Lime Group in Febuary 2019, joining the team as a Personal Assistant. Robyn's main role is to help with Home Loan Application processing, completing client situation analysis and submissions to selected lenders. 

Robyn's care for her clients and reliabiltly are standout qualities. Her discipline, determination and strong work ethic makes her a huge asset to the Lime Group Team.

#Funfacts: Robyn has a scholarship for her Masters in Sport Science and Human Performance at Wintec and will be finished in November 2019. Robyn used to be a competitive swimmer. We can clearly see that the discipline needed to achieve such accomplishments is carried through in her work with Lime Group.

Robyn Ferrier

Robyn Ferrier
Ph: (07) 827 7199

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