Zoe Fleming, Loan Writer & Personal Assistant

Zoe has strong organisational skills and is able to efficiently multi-manage tasks at hand. With high accuracy, attention to detail, and a strong work ethic, she is a highly valued member of our Lime Group Team.

"Building our first home and going through the mortgage process ourselves set a little fire inside me. It's such an exciting time and now to be a part of making someone else's process go smoothly and know their own home dreams are coming true is a privilege to be a small part of!!"

#Funfacts: Zoe raced BMX professionally for 3 years in America, competing in 7 world champs. Zoe was also a stunt double in multiple movies including the Pink Power Ranger!

Zoe Fleming

Zoe Fleming
Ph: (07) 827 7199
Email: zoe@limegroup.co.nz

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