Donna Joined LIME Group in June 2015 as part of our Insurance Team. She gained experience in the industry working in various roles both here and in Scotland. In 2012 Donna worked in a consultancy role, giving advice on mortgages, budgeting and personal insurance. During this time Donna received extensive training and has continued to build on her knowledge gained in the Insurance industry.

It’s rare that you will meet someone as committed to insurance as Donna. Having experienced going through the claim process for herself, Donna is dedicated to ensuring that you have the right insurance in place with all the i’s dotted and t’s crossed that should claim day come, you are truly covered!

Donna has a knack for putting her clients at ease ensuring the best available insurance cover is ascertained to suit her client’s individual requirements.

Donna Norris

For more information contact Donna Norris directly or fill out the form below and she will be in touch with you as soon possible.

Donna Norris