How much do we charge?

#Myth: Mortgage Advisers Are Expensive

This is one myth that absolutely needs to be busted! We don’t charge for our time, in fact we can save you money, and in several ways.

Let us take the hassle out of obtaining a home loan. We’ll shop around for the best deal possible, at no cost!

Are mortgage rates the same everywhere?

A common misconception is that it doesn’t matter where you go because you’ll be paying the same mortgage rate. This is almost always incorrect.

Similarly, choosing your current bank as your lender doesn’t always mean you get preferential treatment when it comes to loan rates. You should always shop around instead of assuming that you’re getting the best deal.. Better yet, let us do all the hard work for you!

Do I need to review my mortgage?

Yes! Let’s be honest, reading the small print on your home loan may not seem that appealing. However in the finer details there may be extra charges and interest rates that you are unaware of.

Having a lending expert at Lime Group review your home loan will ensure you’re receiving a competitive interest rate, fees and features.

We can review your home loan interest rate for you at no cost to you… How easy is that!

Do I need to come to your office?

We can meet you where and when it suits…at your place, our Cambridge office, phone/email or even at your favourite local cafe!

We have clients throughout New Zealand.

Will I save time with Lime Group?

Yes, let us do the leg work!

When applying for a home loan and/or your insurance policy, there’s a fair bit of administration and bureaucracy involved. Finding the best deal or the right policy for you can involve running over town to different banks and providers…We can help you through the entire process, taking as much work off your plate as possible. We can help negotiate the best possible outcome for you!

Oh, and it’s a free service. Why wouldn’t you?

Do you just work with one lender?

It’s true that some advisers do work for a bank or single lender, but at Lime Group we don’t. We pride ourselves in providing all the options and we can compare the rates from dozens of lenders to get our clients the best deal available!

We do the work and you get the best options! Oh, and did we mention its a free service?

How do I get started with Lime Group?

It’s easy. Simply contact the team at Lime Group and we will get the ball rolling with your home ownership and insurance needs!